Themes, schmemes


I’m playing around with my blog theme. Specifically, I’m looking at the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme and I plan to play around with creating a child theme. WP themes have come a really long way since I last dug into them. I still have my purple and white Laresweb theme that I created from scratch previously, but it really is outdated.

Upgrade to WordPress 3.1 (finally)

Ok, so I’m almost a year behind, but I finally upgraded from WordPress 2.x to 3.x (3.1 as of today). I quickly made a database backup and used the “upgrade automatically” button inside the Dashboard. I’ve been running the automatic version updates without any problems so I expected the version upgrade to work just as seamlessly. Even the manual installation and upgrades worked well, but those are even simpler now. Thanks, WordPress, for improving the process so much over the years.

Apparently, I no longer read

(update: Sep-18-2009) I’m giving the WordPress plugin Now Reading Reloaded a test spin. It looks good, but the CG-Amazon plugin allowed for any item on Amazon to be added regardless of whether it was a book or anything else. Anyway, I put a Current and Future Reading list on the sidebar of the home page.

(update: Sep-10-2009) I removed my Library page until I find a suitable replacement. The thing is, I don’t read many books these days with the volume of news that I read online. That and I’m helping Gabe learn his ABC’s and 123’s by reading books with him. Gabe really likes books!

The WordPress plugin I was using to display my reading list, recently read, and a sampling of my library of books recently stopped working. The plugin is CG-Amazon and is a bit dated, but was working up until I upgraded to WP 2.8.4. The database side of the CG-Amazon plugin appears intact, but it won’t display any records when the PHP call is made in the template.

So I guess I need to find an alternate way to display my reading lists on my WP blog. Any suggestions?