Random Tekzilla Tips part 1

I’ve been accumulating Tekzilla Daily video podcasts and I wanted to retain some of the helpful tidbits somewhere without having to clog my iPod with video files. So, I’m just going to start a running list of tips and tricks here to keep them handy.

  • Tab Mix Plus : Firefox add-on recommended by many, many FF users. Now compatible with FF3.
  • Jump to the Address Bar in the browser : Press ALT-D to jump to the Address Bar in the web browser.
  • Run button in Vista : Open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. Go to Start Menu tab. Click Customize. Place checkmark next to Run command. Numerous other items can be added or removed here.
  • Preview all IE tabs as thumbnails : With multiple tabs open in IE, press CTRL-Q to preview the tabs as thumbnails (like Opera, Chrome).
  • Move ‘up’ a folder in Windows Explorer : Press ALT-UP to go up a level from the current folder.

HighEdWeb 2008 conference recap

Well, I did have designs on writing about some of my experiences at the HighEdWeb conference, but I let too much time pass and too much work get in the way so I’m going to cop out and just post some links relevant to the conference.

HighEdWeb 2008 conference web site : This was useful leading up to the conference and continues to be useful as presentation material for most of the sessions was posted after the conference.

HighEdWeb2008 on Ning : Got to see Ning in action for the conference. Ning is a platform for developing your own social networks. Great tool.

Community College Web Developers : A few attendees who work at community colleges had a roundtable discussion toward the end of the second day, but it was not enough time to get in depth about anything. Ning is the ideal tool for creating our own social network, to keep the discussions going, and to keep in touch once we all went back home.

Exodus from Yahoo

Recently, the Yahoo executives who founded Flickr and del.icio.us have left the company. Apparently, many high ranking Yahoo executives have done the same thing.

I’m not worried about the short term availability of Flickr and del.icio.us – both Yahoo properties that I use here at Laresweb.com – but I can’t help but wonder where these services are headed in the coming year and beyond.