Hurricane Irene information

I break from my normal routine of weekly link posts to include links to a few of the primary weather resources as Hurricane Irene tracks up the coast.

Good luck and stay safe, East Coasters.


We survived Ike!

We got to my parents’ old house in west Spring early Friday morning. The drive up was quite quick as there was very little traffic on the main lanes before 7 am.

We started feeling the serious effects of the storm around midnight late Friday night, early Saturday morning. We lost power at the house around 2 am Saturday morning and we had not regained power there as of 3 pm on Sunday afternoon. The rain pounding and the winds were extremely high, pushing on the windows, and howling in the trees. I was in and out of sleep all Saturday morning.

By 8 am, the worst was over, but we still caught the tail end of the storm with high winds and heavy rain until the noon hour on Saturday. Not having power all day and night on Saturday made for a very uncomfortable night in the warm house, especially for Gabriel. Still, the little guy was a trooper and managed to get about 6 hours of sleep despite being soaked in perspiration all night.

By early Sunday afternoon, we got in touch with my cousin’s wife who was at home by herself in northern Spring. She regained power very early Sunday morning and invited us – cats and all – to stay. So we packed up and hit the road.

We almost didn’t make it. Two of the entrances to her neighborhood were covered in deep water that I didn’t feel either of our low vehicles should go through. Thankfully, there was a third entrance that got us there safely and dry.

So we’re in a safe place with power and a/c for the night, hopefully. Thankfully. I trust Gabe will sleep really well tonight.

Meanwhile, we heard from our neighbors who stayed in their home. They also survived ok. According to them, just about all the fences around the neighborhood are down, no power, some streets were flooded, most houses lost some shingles. We may or may not decide to head back Monday.

Ok, I’m signing off so Gabe can sleep. I may actually get some sleep tonight as well.


Hurricane Ike on Thursday 9/11

The 10 pm forecast from the National Weather Service has put Galveston dead center of the forecast track. We had already decided to evacuate in the wee hours of Friday morning, before dawn before this change. As far as I’ve heard, our town is not under mandatory evacuation, but rather a call for voluntary evacuations was issued. We managed to secure all but 2 of the windows with storm shutters today and we got the cars loaded with our supplies and other items. Early this afternoon, I lucked out and found a couple of local gas stations that still had gas so I filled up both cars.

So we’re hitting the road in a few hours. The only thing I’m worried about is traffic, but where we are going, there doesn’t appear to be any major backups. Also, at that hour of the day, there shouldn’t be as many people on the roads. We hope…

This will likely be my last full entry for the next few days. The fewer, the better. Not that I wish destruction on anyone else, but it sure would help us if the storm tracked a bit further north so that we’re on the dry side. I wouldn’t bet on it, though, and that’s why we’re evacuating.

Check out my Twitter sidebar for the latest updates. Wish us luck!