Houston is not so wonderous

  1. Astrodome
  2. Beer Can House
  3. Houston Ship Channel
  4. I-10 / Beltway 8 interchange
  5. Menil compound
  6. Saturn V rocket
  7. Quan Am sculpture

Seven wonders of Houston (Houston Chronicle)

Houston is pretty sad if a highway interchange is considered a wonder. Pretty good civil engineering, sure, but a wonder it is not. And beer can house? It’s certainly an interesting curiosity, but a wonder it is not.

Houstonians need to stop kidding themselves. Houston just doesn’t have highly visible, spectacular locales that are worthy of the label of wonder. Instead of showing how cool Houston is with a list like the one above, it only shows how lame Houston is when it comes to spectacle and wonder. Houston is a young, modern city that just happens to be in a very flat, featureless place. Houston doesn’t have the history of an east coast city or the geography and weather of a west coast city.

However, Houston does have its cool places to go, things to do, and places to see. The problem is that most of these are scattered all around the city and the biggest Houston wonder is the size of the city itself. It’s not that easy for visitors to go from place to place without experiencing Houston traffic or getting lost in loops and belts and roads that don’t actually go in the direction in the name – Highway 59 North and South from downtown to 610 actually goes east and west, 290 East and West from 610 to 6 actually goes southeast and northwest. Oh, and visitors usually go by the highway number like I-10 or US-59, but Houstonians and our tv and radio refer to these by name like Katy Freeway, East Freeway, Eastex Freeway, or Southwest Freeway.

Anyway, if you want to see wonders, Houston isn’t the place for you. But, if you want to shop, eat great food, visit great museums, take in a show, or live in a decent house for half or a quarter of what it costs for the same house in other cities, come to Houston!

67 coffee shops and counting...

I don’t drink as much coffee as you might think, but I have purchased beverages at least 67 different Starbucks stores around the country. Part of that was due to Dana being a former partner in a handful of stores first in northern Virginia and then around Houston, but most of it is just the need for a caffeine fix wherever it is we are at the time.

I’m revisiting this topic because I’ve added 4 new locations from around the Houston area. Enjoy.

See all the Starbucks stores Pete has visited…

More mapping stuff

I’m giving the GeoPress plugin for WordPress a try. It seems to work ok, except you can only associate one location per post as far as I can tell. That makes sense because the location is associated with a post and you can’t be in two places at the same time, but many of my blog posts describe a day with stops at a few locations so I’ll have to consider whether or not that’s a problem for me.

Updated on 5/7/2007 : I’m deactivating the GeoPress plugin until I figure out exactly how I’m going to use it.