HighEdWeb 2008 conference recap

Well, I did have designs on writing about some of my experiences at the HighEdWeb conference, but I let too much time pass and too much work get in the way so I’m going to cop out and just post some links relevant to the conference.

HighEdWeb 2008 conference web site : This was useful leading up to the conference and continues to be useful as presentation material for most of the sessions was posted after the conference.

HighEdWeb2008 on Ning : Got to see Ning in action for the conference. Ning is a platform for developing your own social networks. Great tool.

Community College Web Developers : A few attendees who work at community colleges had a roundtable discussion toward the end of the second day, but it was not enough time to get in depth about anything. Ning is the ideal tool for creating our own social network, to keep the discussions going, and to keep in touch once we all went back home.

Don't play chicken with a train

Cyclist in serious condition after being struck by light rail (Houston Chronicle)

Sad and unfortunate as it is when someone is injured seriously, there are a couple of things the cyclist did that put herself at high risk:

  • The cyclist was wearing headphones. A big no-no. You can’t hear warnings or other vehicles around you. Not so bad when you’re walking or jogging, but when you’re on a bicycle on the road with traffic, it’s like riding with your eyes closed.
  • The cyclist wasn’t obeying traffic signals. Even though the light rail cars are relatively quiet, the traffic lights and crosswalk signs are coordinated with the rail. In other words, red means stop. Most accidents with the rail happen when drivers try to run a red light or turn illegally into the path of the train.
  • The cyclist was in a very busy intersection at 4:43 p.m. – rush hour. Who in their right mind is riding a bike on Houston streets at rush hour?

Update: 12-Feb-2008

Metro says accident that injured bicyclist preventable

I could have jumped the gun by railing (no pun intended) on the cyclist. If this witness really saw what he said he saw, then what is the point of having a driver in the light rail car if the driver isn’t going to apply the brakes, sound the horn, and obey rail traffic signals?

Google Maps hits Houston streets

Google Maps has added Street View for Houston and a handful of other cities along with San Francisco and New York which were first, of course.

Here are some sights I’ve found: