Kenya AA from H-E-B

lolasavannah.jpgAh, back to a coffee that I can rely on to taste good. Lola Savannah, I believe, is the coffee company that produces the Central Market coffees sold at Central Market and H-E-B. For grocery store coffee, CM’s coffee is some of the best around. I generally go for the blends and single origin coffees, but every once in a while I’ll get French vanilla or hazelnut. This last time was not one of those times.

Kenya AA is probably my favorite single origin coffee right now. It’s not ridiculously expensive, it’s not too bold in flavor so it’s good in the morning, and it has a crisp flavor that doesn’t require much cream or sugar. It’s also a good component in coffee blends, but I went Kenya AA straight up this time.

Kona is not necessarily good

firstcolony.gifThe latest coffee is First Colony Coffee and Tea Hawaiian Kona Blend. Sounded good when I bought it. Kona is a nice variety. Well, this blend isn’t the worst, but it’s not really that good, either. I think it’s not very fresh and the flavor is a little on the plain side. So I probably won’t be picking up another bag of this particular brand as there are a half dozen others on the same shelf that I like better.

Cubita Coffee

Cubita CoffeeMy current coffee is Cubita – Cuban Style Coffee which is produced by Ruta Maya Coffee up in Austin. Funny, the coffee beans are from Ecuador and other Latin American countries because I guess there’s still a trade embargo with Cuba. So far, I like it. I can’t describe it, but there’s a distinct flavor present between the beans and the way they’re roasted. It must be the Sabor de Cuba. Other Ruta Maya blends are good, too.

I remember going to the Ruta Maya coffee house in Austin when it was up on 3rd or 4th street in an old building with a tall loading dock. They’ve since moved down South Congress, but I haven’t been there since. Maybe it’s time for a road trip.