Themes, schmemes


I’m playing around with my blog theme. Specifically, I’m looking at the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme and I plan to play around with creating a child theme. WP themes have come a really long way since I last dug into them. I still have my purple and white Laresweb theme that I created from scratch previously, but it really is outdated.

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

I just ran the upgrade to WordPress 2.7 on On the outside, you won’t notice any difference unless you look very closely at the footer information at the bottom of the page. On the inside, WordPress 2.7 has a completely reworked administrative interface. It will take some getting used to, but at first glance, it’s a major improvement over past versions.

Drop me a line if you tinker around with hosting your own WordPress or any other blogging system.

Laresweb in flux yet again

I’m renovating Laresweb a bit so my web site will likely look a bit odd at times for a little while. Most of the changes will be with the CSS and PHP templates, “under the hood” type of stuff that’s only marginally interesting to those who mess around with that stuff (i.e. web geeks). So, sorry about the mess, but Laresweb is still open for business.