The end of the universe

This is an oldie, but goodie clip of comedian Lewis Black:

Lewis Black : End of the universe [Comedy Central]

I believe he was performing at the Houston Laff Stop on West Gray and walked down the street to the Shepherd intersection where there are two Starbucks stores across the street from one another. Actually, I have been to both, but not in one trip. If you want to see all the locations I’ve been to, check this out:

Pete’s Starbucks Map – Yes, I’ve been to all the stores on the map.

When mascots attack...

Well, the UH Coogs football team got smacked at Oregon a couple of weeks ago, but the Duck mascot got suspended after a “brawl” with the Cougar mascot. Hilarious.

Oregon mascot suspended (

The Duck was a little out of line and the suspension is warranted, though, it didn’t look like those were blows intended to injure. Still, the Cougar doing pushups on their field was hilarious. Too bad we kept turning the ball over in the end zone when we had opportunities to make it a closer game.

Progress or no?

Wow, does double-talk get any more obvious than this?

Twenty-nine thirtieths.