White cranberry juice is a fraud

I recently picked up a bottle of a well-known brand juice that is labeled as White Cranberry juice. On the back of the bottle, there’s a paragraph about what white cranberries are and that they have a sweeter taste, are packed with antioxidants, and other reasons why you should drink it.

It’s a fraud. It’s a sham.

After I poured a glass of it, the taste was so mild that I wondered why I even bothered to drink this juice over a glass of water. So I checked the ingredients list and learned why this juice is a fraud. By weight, there is more white grape juice in this bottle than any other juice. Also, there’s more high fructose corn syrup (by weight) in the bottle than there is white cranberry juice.

So the juice tastes ok, especially with a lime wedge squeezed into it, but don’t go by the label on the bottle. This is really white grape juice.

Spring Break is over

It’s back to work for me, but here’s a partial list of some of the places I visited over the break:

  • Taco Milagro – Baybrook
  • Bubble Island
  • Home Depot
  • HEB
  • NTB
  • Academy
  • Bering’s
  • Hungry’s
  • Waterwall
  • Galleria
  • Brasil
  • Taco Milagro – Willowbrook
  • Cost Plus / World Market
  • Chewy Balls

We intended to visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Friday, but as we drove toward the area, we were swamped in very heavy traffic and several road detours in the area. As we found a way around the gridlock, we changed our minds about spending a couple of hours indoors on such a beautiful day and just decided to go a couple of places we enjoy and hang around outdoors.

Another much less interesting thing I did over the break was some landscaping, both my own yard and also helping out my parents at their old house. We’re talking heavy duty edging, cutting down large tree branches, digging, raking, and mulching. Since it has been several months since I’ve done anything of the sort, my body is sore all over. I also managed to squeeze in washing my car. All of this took place the last 4 days of the break since we had nasty, rainy weather the first few days of the break.

I probably could have accomplished more over the week, but I did manage to get a lot done while still finding lots of time to relax and do a lot of nothing.