Where's my margarita?

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Last month, we took advantage of a cool, sunny Saturday afternoon and had lunch on the patio at Taco Milagro Baybrook. Gabriel didn’t seem to mind spending a couple hours in the sun as we casually ate our meal. Neither of us ordered a margarita (it would have hit the spot, though), but Gabe was looking over at another table wondering where his order was.

Simply tasty juice


Simply Apple is some darn good apple juice. It’s pretty new from the same brand that sells Simply Orange juice. Simply Apple is more like apple cider to me than it is apple juice. It’s dark colored and cloudy, not at all clear and amber colored like other processed apple juices. I’m sold.

Our local Wal-mart stocks Simply Apple, but unfortunately our local H-E-B doesn’t – yet. I haven’t checked the Kroger, but if they do carry it, I’m sure it won’t be cheap.

Update: 16-Feb-2008

H-E-B now carries Simply Apple. Woohoo!

Very tasty pecans

Pecans from Berdoll Pecan FarmJust in time to make some Thanksgiving pecan pie (my favorite kind of pie), our order from Berdoll Pecan Farms arrived yesterday. For those who drive from Houston to Austin along Highway 71, the Berdoll store is the one just outside of Austin with the giant, super-fast, scrolling electronic marquee that flashes PECANS and can be seen for miles.

A couple years back, we actually stopped in The Pecan Store for the first time. We were sold the moment we sampled the product. Then, we sampled some more. Or at least I did because pecans are one of my favorites and these were about the best I’ve ever tasted.

Anyway, we’ll be using their golden pecans for pecan pie this year. They look terrific, but I haven’t tasted this batch yet. We ordered some of the candy pecans and broke into the dark chocolate covered ones last night. Wow! The dark chocolate is rich and the pecan in the center is meaty and flavorful. Amazing.

I can wait to break into the honey glazed and the cinnamon sugar pecans…

Updated Nov-22-2007 – The cinnamon sugar pecans are quite good and more of the natural pecan flavor comes through in every bite, but both of us still prefer the wonderful dark chocolate coated pecans. The pecan pie turned out freakin’ awesome! The pie was a big hit at dinner tonight and everyone was jockeying for a piece to take home. We took about a quarter pie home, but my ace-in-the-hole is that we have a second bag of golden pecans that we didn’t use. Mmmm – more pecan pie…