Kona is not necessarily good

firstcolony.gifThe latest coffee is First Colony Coffee and Tea Hawaiian Kona Blend. Sounded good when I bought it. Kona is a nice variety. Well, this blend isn’t the worst, but it’s not really that good, either. I think it’s not very fresh and the flavor is a little on the plain side. So I probably won’t be picking up another bag of this particular brand as there are a half dozen others on the same shelf that I like better.

Cubita Coffee

Cubita CoffeeMy current coffee is Cubita – Cuban Style Coffee which is produced by Ruta Maya Coffee up in Austin. Funny, the coffee beans are from Ecuador and other Latin American countries because I guess there’s still a trade embargo with Cuba. So far, I like it. I can’t describe it, but there’s a distinct flavor present between the beans and the way they’re roasted. It must be the Sabor de Cuba. Other Ruta Maya blends are good, too.

I remember going to the Ruta Maya coffee house in Austin when it was up on 3rd or 4th street in an old building with a tall loading dock. They’ve since moved down South Congress, but I haven’t been there since. Maybe it’s time for a road trip.

Zen Blend

Zen Blend

I recently picked up a bag of Zen Blend coffee beans by Organic Coffee Company from the local grocery store. While not spectacular, this is a serviceable coffee that goes well with breakfast in the morning. There’s nothing particularly distinct about this blend – it’s supposed to be a mild blend with balanced acidity. Price wise, this was just a tad cheaper than other big name brands, but not as cheap as crappy industrial whole bean coffee.

In general, I prefer non-flavored coffee beans. I lean toward African and Latin American varieties. My favorites include Kenya AA, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and Guatemala Antigua. Even with those, certain places roast it better than others. I enjoy trying different brands, different beans, and blends as long as it’s leaded – I only drink decaf when there’s no other choice.