I live near Houston, Texas and am interested in family, friends, web design and development, technology, sports, restaurants, coffee and Houston.


Baby Pete

I’m a Filipino-American born here in the U.S. of A to two Filipino parents (don’t let my appearance fool you). I never learned to speak Tagalog and I’ve visited the Philippines only once, but I feel blessed to have been brought up with Filipino social, religious, and family customs and values. Some time in high school that I realized that I had something that many of my American friends didn’t. I had family reunions several times every year, I had dozens of cousins, and having a house full of relatives in the summer and on holidays was to be expected.

Growing up, my family moved around the U.S. quite a bit, even though we were not with the military. Primarily, my dad’s progression through the professional ranks brought him and us to these different locations. I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience different regions of the country, different climates, different ‘cultures’, and different people.


Bel Air High School

Bel Air High School

Go Bobcats! Ok, I’m not a die-hard alum, but I remember where I came from and I’m still thankful for the people I shared the experiences with, both classmates and teachers. I have especially fond memories of the It’s Academic team. I was team captain my senior year and we had a great team. I think for the first time in school history, we won a match on TV (it was a nail-biter) and later we went on to win the Harford County Academic Tournament and brought the trophy home to BAHS. We had a lot of fun and I like to think that that team began a tradition of successful academic teams at BAHS.

Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College

I began my college endeavor at Harvey Mudd College. I struggled the whole time I was there, as I started to travel down the Engineering route. I learned a ton in class, but I don’t remember that stuff as well as the stuff that happened outside of class. Like playing volleyball, riding bikes 10 miles to Donut Man for a dozen donuts, spontaneous Friday night rave parties in the East dorm courtyard, and numerous noise complaint phone calls.

I don’t think I was ready for Mudd when I was there. I guess it was a combination of coasting through high school and suddenly having more work to do than ever before, not having the course background I really needed at a school like Mudd, and being in a completely new place and having to start making friends all over again. I just wasn’t happy with myself and how I was doing in school and I needed to get some focus and direction back before it was too late. With that goal in mind, I left Mudd for the University of Houston.

University of Houston

University of Houston

I completed my undergraduate studies at the U of H. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and I managed to graduate Magna Cum Laude. My degree is more to me than a piece of paper in a nice frame, though. It’s a reminder that I successfully accomplished a very, very big goal that I spent a great deal of time working toward. Sometimes you work and you work and you try and try again and you just need to see once in a while that what you are doing has positive results.

After earning my degree, I went to work for a couple of years. I never felt that I was finished with my academic endeavors, but I did need some time away from school after graduation. As time passed, I felt more and more strongly about returning to school. When I decided enough was enough, I took the tests and applied and returned to U of H as a graduate student in Computer Science.

Returning to school was one of the best decisions I ever made, despite not yet reaching the goal of a Masters degree. I got about halfway through the Masters program before I decided to focus full time on my new career. For me, going back to classes, reading, studying, doing assignments, and taking exams refreshed my mind and my attitude at a point in my life when that’s exactly what I needed.


This is not my online resume. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my professional skills and experience.


I’m now broadening my horizons in the area of web design and development as a college Webmaster. While I draw on my Information Architecture background, I also do a lot of web page construction using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, graphic design and page layouts, web application development using PHP, mySQL, and ColdFusion, and some content development. I wear a lot of hats, so to speak. I’m especially interested in various web technologies such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google Maps, and WordPress.

There are aspects to my job that I’m probably forgetting to mention and there are many aspects to my job I haven’t yet encountered. I work with all types of different people from all across the organization and that’s both challenging and fun. A big part of what I like is the opportunity to learn and use skills across all aspects of web design and development projects. I learn something new everyday.