Rockets fall, 89-70

Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Rockets completely fell apart immediately after tipoff, losing Game 7 to the Lakers 89-70. Nobody wearing red did much of anything on either end. We had no inside game. We had no outside game. We had no midrange game. We turned the ball over too much. We missed shots. And we couldn’t keep Gasol and Bynum off the boards and out of the lane. The Rockets needed to play close to a perfect game to win with their shallow roster on the road and what we got, unfortunately, was probably as bad as it gets.

The Rockets defense overall wasn’t horrible, but what made it impossible to stage a comeback was the ease by which Gasol and Bynum were grabbing rebounds and getting easy putbacks. I have no idea why it took so long for the Lakers to figure out that’s what they needed to do to hurt the Rockets once Yao went down. Kobe had a quiet game, but the Lakers were in control from the 1st quarter on so Kobe really didn’t need to turn it on. He just chipped in some boards, assists, and a couple of blocks.

Artest was pretty bad – many of his shots were way off the mark – but as the Rockets became desperate to score just their first field goal, guys were forcing up shots they don’t normally take. The bad shooting was contagious – Brooks was off, Battier was a no-show, Scola was off, and so on. There was nothing good about the Rockets offense except maybe that no one got hurt.

So the season ends on a bad note, but this Rockets team gave us something to cheer for when no one exepcted them to even be in the 2nd round taking on the Lakers. The young guys really should benefit from this postseason run and hopefully we can get our guys healthy and pick up a few extra pieces to contend again next season.

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