Random Tekzilla Tips part 1

I’ve been accumulating Tekzilla Daily video podcasts and I wanted to retain some of the helpful tidbits somewhere without having to clog my iPod with video files. So, I’m just going to start a running list of tips and tricks here to keep them handy.

  • Tab Mix Plus : Firefox add-on recommended by many, many FF users. Now compatible with FF3.
  • Jump to the Address Bar in the browser : Press ALT-D to jump to the Address Bar in the web browser.
  • Run button in Vista : Open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. Go to Start Menu tab. Click Customize. Place checkmark next to Run command. Numerous other items can be added or removed here.
  • Preview all IE tabs as thumbnails : With multiple tabs open in IE, press CTRL-Q to preview the tabs as thumbnails (like Opera, Chrome).
  • Move ‘up’ a folder in Windows Explorer : Press ALT-UP to go up a level from the current folder.

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