Arriving in Springfield, MO

So I pull into Springfield right around 5 pm on Sunday the 5th and make a beeline to the University Plaza Hotel to check in and unpack. After seeing how small Springfield appeared, I was surprised to find myself in a sizable hotel and convention center. This is what I saw from just outside my room on the 3rd floor:


The room was comfortable enough. Here was the spectacular view out of my window:


The room decor – like just about the entire hotel – was nice, but time appears to have stopped in the 1980s:


I managed to get onto the Missouri State University campus to get registered for the conference. Got some cool free stuff (aka schwag) including a laptop backpack and a stainless steel travel coffee mug. I’ll describe the campus and conference in the next post.

I was hungry and wanted to look around town so I hopped in the Optima and rolled around Springfield. Pretty sleepy town on a Sunday evening. I took a look around and saw something I hadn’t seen since living in Maryland: Hardee’s! Grabbed a Frisco Thickburger – a Black Angus burger on toasted sourdough with tomato and Monterrey Jack cheese – and rolled back to the hotel to catch the Sunday night football game. Pretty tasty for a fast food burger.

After the game, I watched some of the football highlights from the games that I missed and called it a night.

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