Heading out to Springfield, MO for HighEdWeb 2008

Earlier this week, I travelled to Springfield, Missouri to attend HighEdWeb 2008 Conference hosted at Missouri State University. To save the college some money and to see a section of the country I had never seen before, I flew from Houston to Tulsa and rented a car. I ended up with a Kia Optima:


The Optima is pretty much a copy of the circa 1999-2000 Honda Accord. Pretty solid car, nice ride, not as smooth as a Honda, but better than I thought it would be.

Anyhow, from Tulsa I caught I-44 east which is a straight shot to Springfield 180 miles from Tulsa. As I was cruising up I-44, some signs caught my eye. Up ahead was a town called Miami – Miami, Oklahoma. I couldn’t resist so I took the exit and headed into town.

A few miles away from the Interstate, I found a photo-op I could not pass up:


From a little bit of reading before I flew over, I knew that part of I-44 connected towns that were historically connected by the old Route 66. I was surprised to find an old downtown Miami lined with continuous building facades for blocks. Clearly, this was a town with some history, although today it looked more than 75% unoccupied. Here’s a Picture Tour of the City of Miami, OK. I was tempted to look around more, but I wanted to get up to Springfield before dark so I hit the road.

Next up : A bit about my brief time in Springfield and the conference.

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