Hurricane Ike on Wednesday 9/10 (late update)

The forecast has taken a worrisome shift to the north. It is now forecasted to hit Freeport which is 50 miles southwest of us rather than Port O’Connor which is 120 miles southwest of us. That’s not good. Plus, the forecasts have been shifting further in our direction over the last couple of days. That’s not good, either. The College decided late tonight to close until Monday as have just about every other college and school district in the vicinity. So…

We are planning to head inland early Friday morning to my parents’ old house – the house I lived in from 93-99 and the same place we evacuated to in 2005 when Hurricane Rita approached. The only difference is that we were under a mandatory evacuation in 2005 while, as of now, we are still in voluntary evacuation mode.

On Friday morning, we will volunteer.

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