There goes Edouard

Tropical Storm Edouard ended up doing little more than casting a breezy rain on us. Ed made landfall much further northeast of here (up the coast) near Sabine Pass which put us on the weaker side of the system. Parts of the area just 20-30 miles northeast of us got 5-6 inches of rain yesterday morning while we maybe got an inch.

While the local TV media supersaturated us with hours of live coverage and 40 newscasters reporting live from all odd locations around the area and 2 meteorologists on TV at the same time, Edouard could have been a more damaging storm if it had traveled just 30-50 miles further south. What was particularly troubling was how quickly Ed formed and moved into our area. Ed formed Sunday evening and made landfall Tuesday morning. That’s not a lot of time to prepare.

Here’s a paraphrasing of a news report I saw yesterday, about mid-morning from a reporter live from an intersection 2 miles away from our house:

We’re here live at 517 and 45 Dickinson. [camera pans around, then down] If you don’t have to go out, please stay home. Driving on wet roads is dangerous because the rain has gathered on the roadways [camera zooms in on a puddle less than 1 inch deep] and that can cause hydroplaning.

Thanks for looking out for our safety.

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