600 fewer places to get a venti triple skinny half-caf mocha

Starbucks announced that it’s closing 600 stores in the US.

It’s a drop in the bucket, but still it’s yet another sign that the state of the economy is dragging down even the seemingly untouchable corporations.

Unfortunately in the Houston area, Starbucks has a virtual monopoly on the coffee shop business. They dominate and there are only a small handful of smaller chains and independent shops in pockets around the city and suburbs. In our particular area in the southeast burbs, Starbucks is practically the only coffee shop around and the only semblance of competition comes from McDonalds, which makes a decent iced coffee.

I do like Starbucks coffee beans, but since I don’t like their commercial drip brewers and their process for making iced coffee, I don’t buy drinks at the stores very often. I used to love their espresso drinks until they went away from the old style manual espresso machines and brought in the automatic machines, but that was another rant.

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