Absence explained

About 2 weeks ago, my dad was hospitalized after suffering a hemorragic stroke. It was a very sudden and very serious episode. Quick responding, quick thinking paramedics and doctors saved Dad’s life. Thoughts and prayers from family, friends, and colleagues have helped and supported Dad and the family – my mom, sister, brother, and I.

Dad’s still in the hospital going through physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but he’s already made huge strides in just the last week or so after his condition stabilized.

I’ll be blogging sporadically over the next couple of weeks. E-mail me or give me a call for the latest on how Dad’s doing (and how we’re doing, too).

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Dear Lares & Riel Family

I am so glad David is finally coming home, and his recovery has been amazing. Thank you everyone who made the quick decisions to call 911. I have a very special thanks to all the medical professionals that worked so quickly, making all the right decisions to save his life. .

God Bless you David, and all your family.

Kevin B.

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